7 Startup CEO Tactics for Operational Excellence

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Image by Chris Devers via Flickr

As a startup grows into a small business it becomes necessary to add more process and operational aspects to the company. The need for this typically occurs when a startup reaches the 10 – 20 employee size, and thus has more going on than can be simply managed by the startup CEO and other co-founders.

Here are seven startup CEO tactics for operational excellence:

  1. Company-wide daily check-in stand ups/scrums
  2. Weekly KPIs available company-wide in a Google Spreadsheet
  3. Weekly tactical meetings with the management team to discuss the week ahead
  4. Quarterly check-ins that act like a lightweight performance review
  5. Quarterly off-site meetings with the management team to plan the next 90 days
  6. Quarterly celebrations with all team members to spend time outside the office and reflect on the last 90 days
  7. LCD scoreboard in a very visible location with up-to-date goals and progress

These ideas come from a combination of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits and books from Patrick Lencioni. I’ve found this approach works well and I highly recommend it.

What else? What are some other CEO tactics for operational excellence?

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