Atlanta Tech Village 2 Year Anniversary

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of buying the Atlanta Tech Village. When David Lightburn and I showed up at the building post closing, we were promptly handed a huge bag with 50 keys and told “good luck” by the previous manager. Then, as would be expected, on our first day working in the Village, the power went out in the whole building and the 5th floor bathrooms overflowed into the hallways. Tenants were furious with us and were just getting started.

Now, we have a gorgeous renovation (2nd floor, 4th floor) and a thriving community of 200+ entrepreneurs and 700+ Villagers. I’ve had the chance to answer these frequently asked questions hundreds of times and I still enjoy telling the founding story from August 30, 2012, a full six weeks before selling Pardot.

So, with two years under our belt, I’m just as excited and optimistic about that future as I was then, only more so now based on our progress. Atlanta will be a top 10 startup city in the next 10 years – mark my words.

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