6 Corporate Culture Ideas

After Terminus won the #1 place to work award, several people asked what they do to build such a strong organization. Of course, the core of a great culture is the people, which starts with the values (see Strong Core Values Help Those That Don’t Fit Self Select Out). Yet, establishing values is only one piece of the overall puzzle. The key is to institutionalize programs that strengthen the corporate culture.

Here are six corporate culture ideas:

  1. Align Interview Questions with Core Values
  2. Maintain a Simplified One Page Strategic Plan
  3. Co-Founders are Keepers of the Culture
  4. The Culture-Oriented 7 Step Hiring Process
  5. 3 Must Read Culture Guides for Entrepreneurs
  6. 6 Steps to Build a Culture of Accountability

Corporate culture is intentional and powerful — make it the centerpiece of the company.

What else? What are some more corporate culture ideas?

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