11 Takeaways from the Atlanta Tech Village 3 Year Anniversary

Today marks the three year anniversary of buying the Atlanta Tech Village, and wow, what an incredible journey it’s been. When buying the building, I thought we’d create a great space to help entrepreneurs increase their chance of success and do our own niche thing. I never thought the Tech Village would take on a life of its own and represent the entrepreneurial image of Atlanta and be supported by so many business and civic leaders in the metro region.

Here are 11 takeaways from the Atlanta Tech Village as we celebrate our three year anniversary (also, our elf likes to party):

  1. Local startups needed to be prioritized over regional offices for startups
  2. Scholarships help the earliest of the startups
  3. Mission, vision, and values are always at the core
  4. Accelerating success is most important, but accelerating time to failure if the idea isn’t right is also important
  5. Recruiting great talent is the secret weapon of the Tech Village
  6. Equity isn’t a component of Tech Village membership, and that was the right decision
  7. Even with complete transparency on our site, there are a number of common questions (and misconceptions)
  8. Community is what differentiates the Tech Village from other office buildings
  9. Village Verified helps provide more specialized resources
  10. Scale matters, especially with co-working space and entrepreneurial centers
  11. Ambitious entrepreneurs get further, faster in a tighter community

Finally, I never expected to have so many opportunities emerge from the Tech Village notoriety, especially the chance to give the 2015 Mercer University Atlanta Commencement.

Here’s to many more years of helping entrepreneurs increase their chance of success at the Atlanta Tech Village (and, our elf likes to party).

What else? What are some more takeaways on the three year anniversary of the Atlanta Tech Village?

3 thoughts on “11 Takeaways from the Atlanta Tech Village 3 Year Anniversary

  1. David, you write an amazing blog with great insight and prescience – keep up this amazing thing. Happy Holidays. your regular reader, M-

  2. Congrats David! I have got to say that I am impressed and surprised to see it grow into what it has become. It goes to show that if you are authentic and dedicated to fulfilling a true need, “build it and they will come!” 🙂

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