15 Posts Every Seed Stage Entrepreneur Should Read

Recently I was talking with an entrepreneur that had a seed stage startup and a number of questions. After the conversation, I realized that I didn’t have a good link to share with a number of resources for seed stage startups. Well, here are 15 posts every seed stage entrepreneur should read:

  1. 9 Simple Weekly Metrics
  2. 5 Sales Tips
  3. Budgeting for the $300k Seed Round
  4. Don’t Hire Consultants to Raise Money
  5. The Value of a Sales Assistant
  6. 5 Common Mistakes After Raising a Seed Round
  7. 7 Tips When Starting Out
  8. 8 Metrics Questions to Raise Another Round
  9. Startup Value Creation is Back-Loaded
  10. Resist the VP of Sales Temptation
  11. The Four Stages of a Startup
  12. Simplify it Down to Selling or Building
  13. 6 Steps to Building a Culture of Accountability
  14. Develop a Meeting Rhythm
  15. Build a Simplified One Page Strategic Plan

The seed stage is especially difficult and challenging. Entrepreneurs would do well to join a peer group and carve out time to learn from other entrepreneurs.

What else? What are some more posts every seed stage entrepreneur should read?

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