18 Quick Sales Resources for Startups

These past few weeks have been focused on sales — the life blood of every successful startup. Here are the recent sales posts:

  1. Four Types of Sales Reps
  2. Getting to “Wow” in the Sales Process
  3. Sales Team Challenges When Scaling
  4. Territories vs Wide Open for Sales Teams
  5. Make Body Language Your Superpower
  6. Benchmarking Sales Development Reps
  7. The Different Meeting Rhythms in Sales
  8. Analyzing the Sales Opportunity Pipeline
  9. Mining the Sales Opportunity History for Insights
  10. The Sales Ops Role – Operational Rigor for the Sales Team
  11. Hire a Sales Assistant First
  12. The Best Sales Demos are Conversations
  13. Mapping Out the Sales Stages
  14. Discovery Calls – A Critical Part of the Sales Process
  15. Notes from Trenton Truitt’s Presentation on MEDDICC
  16. MEDDICC Forecasting Methodology
  17. The Success Plan Google Doc for Sales
  18. Testing Potential Demand By Being an SDR

Sales is critical, yet foreign, to most startup founders. Put in the time and effort to learn it — it’s worth it.

What else? What are some more sales topics to cover?

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